What is Regenerative Health Management?

Unfortunately, the relatively new field of regenerative medicine is already falling into the old traps of checklists and high priced surgeries. What’s continuing to exacerbate the problems surrounding the field of regenerative medicine is not having the primary care physicians involved. Regenerative medicine will not reach its full capabilities until the non-surge Ron physicians understand and recommend regenerative medicine treatments and feel safe to make such recommendations).

Regenerative health management platform was created and designed to integrate and benefit both patients and physicians in order to restore clarity, choice, confidence, and control. Patient and physicians, working together, is critical to advancing regenerative medicine and the relationships necessary for the regenerative health management process.

Regenerative Health Management is the active, on-going process of helping the body heal itself. This process considers the regenerative properties of the human body, not simply a checklist of therapies, drugs, or surgeries.

Regenerative Health Management is provided to patients through a relationship-driven medical advisory process that seeks to consider the whole person, especially as it relates to regenerative medicine treatments.

RHM is provided for patients, by their physicians, throughout the continuum of care by:

  1. Providing time for, and advice on, all aspects that have implications on a person’s health, especially with issues relating to regenerative medicine
  2. Navigating the complexities of regenerative medicine by helping patients understand, manage, protect, and bettter their health
  3. Providing clarity, choice, and confidence as patients take control of their health and care

If we may be so bold: We believe that regenerative health management could set the foundation of how medicine will be practiced for the next 50 years. Life few other specialities, regenerative health management, sits at the intersection of science, medicine, and busienss and offers patients and physicians opportunities like few have seen in their lifetime.

We have created a business system and advisory platform for physicians that give them freedom within a framework. This freedom is giving the the opportunity to have a tremendous impact on the lives of their patients, but also a tremendous opportunity to enjoy a full life.

It is important to note that the regenerative medicine physician of the 21st Century is probably not necessarily the surgeon. The regenerative medicine physician is the physician who is, or who can become, adept at helping their patients understand, manage, protect, and better their health. The best regenerative medicine physicians are the ones who know how to manage relationships with the key stakeholders in the patients’ health. The best regenerative medicine physicians of the 21st Century will use the regenerative health management process.