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Why Do People Become Doctors?

This blog post originally appeared at the Impact Physician Blog. No half-heartedness and no worldly fear must turn us aside from following the light unflinchingly. – J.R.R. Tolkien As you likely know, it’s really bad for Doctors right now. Unfortunately, without massive intervention, it’s going to get a lot worse. You likely know all of the negative […]

Being a Physician – The Environment has Changed

The environment for today’s – and tomorrow’s – practicing physician has already changed. The costs of managing a successful practice has risen, in matters of time, money, and, especially, complexity due to increased regulations and insurance demands. Matters are only made worse given the projectionss that there will be a shortage of practice doctors. While […]

Do you have a Plan?

The market is a great teacher, but the tuition is very high. There are a lot of great lessons you can learn from going to a business school. There are a lot of great lessons you can learn from personal experience (“The School Of Hard Knocks”). Both provide a great education, but are very expensive and time […]

Stealing Medicine Back

This blog post originally appeared at the Impact Physician blog at the Impact Capitalist. Medicine has been stolen. It has been hijacked. And we need to steal it back! Is it really that bad? We think it is much worse than people realize. For example, there are advances in regenerative medicine (where we are building […]

Observations and Opportunities in Regenerative Medicine (Part 2 of 2)

This blog post is the 2nd of 2 blogs about my observations of, and my perceived opportunities in, Regenerative Medicine. I’m not only making the case for the need to advance the field of regenerative medicine, but, more importantly, for the advancement of what we call regenerative health management. While I have several up-coming blogs […]

Observations and Opportunities in Regenerative Medicine (Part 1 of 2)

For the last 5 years, I’ve been focusing most of my attention on the development of two main topics: Impact Capitalist and Regenerative Health Management. And while I may not be an expert in the science of regenerative medicine, there are only a few people that have a real grasp on the business of regenerative […]