Navigating the Complexities of the Business of Regenerative Medicine

eBook: 10 Mistakes Doctors Make with Regenerative Medicine

Medicine for the 21st Century

Contrary to popular belief, more and better technology is not necessarily the answer to health care issues. Yes, technology continues to offer more and better tools, but technology by itself is not going to provide better health care. It is through relationships that physicians help patients understand, manage, protect, and better their health. Health care and the practice of medicine will only be disrupted when a platform uses technology to enhance the patient-physician relationship. Health care will never be “disrupted” until the patient-physician relationship is treated as sacrosanct.

The Future of Medicine

Imagine a world where we don’t have to rely on harmful drugs or invasive surgeries...

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Physician, Not Provider

Let’s face it. Most people want the same thing: deeper relationships with fewer people. Doctors...

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A Solution for Physicians

It’s really bad for physicians right now. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse without...

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A Unique Way of Working with Patients

RHM offers a business system and advisory platform for physicians who want to run their own business and focus on health managment, with an emphasis on helping the body heal itself

1. Power of Regenerative Medicine

Every 50 years or so, medicine, as an industry, seems to take a giant leap forward. For a variety of reasons (science, practice, health insurance,...

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2. Art of Medicine

"It took medicine a long time to realize that when a patient shows up with a headache, it's much better to give him aspirin or...

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3. Navigating Complexities

As a doctor, you know that medicine in general, let along the burgeoning field of regenerative medicine, is very complex. Not only are there complexities...

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4. Realigning Economic Interests

Humans are motivated by, and make decisions based on, incentives. And, currently, incentives for patients and physicians are misaligned. There is a great need for...

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5. Medical Advisory Program

Patients who care about their health want to be active participants in their own healthcare. This is especially true for those seeking regenerative therapies. They...

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6. RHM Approach

Research suggests that humans are poor assessors of risk, overreact to short-term events, and often make decisions that result in negative health outcomes (this includes...

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